Writing Clips, IBTimes.com


A Perfume-Lover (Reluctantly) Picks Her Favorites



Esquire Weekly, Summer Scents for Men, Issue 44, July 23, 2014 available on iTunes for iPad and iPhone


Fragrance Terms, Explained


10 Under the Radar Scents That Don’t Smell Like a Department Store


Wall Street Journal, Speakeasy Blog

Say It By Spraying It: What Your Perfume Says About You



The Confused Cats Against Feminism Tumblr Goes Viral In the online war being waged against feminism, freelance writer and online feminist crusader David Futrelle decided to bring out the big guns: Cats

New York Artist Debuts Her Own Armpit “Perfume” in Harper’s Bazaar Martynka Wawrzyniak exhibits her latest work in the advertising pages of a fashion magazine

Photographer Frank Relle Brings New Orleans to Moscow “New Orleans in Photographs” opens at the Multi-Media Museum — Moscow House of Photography May 16, 2014

Galadrielle Allman’s “Please Be With Me” Gives Women a Chance In searching for her guitar hero father, Galadrielle Allman does something seldom seen in rock bios: She tells the story of its women

Reductress Ad Absurdum A new humor website parodies the worst of women’s media.

Wake Up and Smell the Facebook Alerts Having throbbed and beeped to get your attention, technology now goes for the nose

Waiter, There’s a Cigar in My Cupcake! Tobacco, banned in so many places, is creeping into everything from vodka, perfume, ice cream and cupcakes.

The Ten Scariest Movies and Why They Creep You Out. The scientific underpinnings of horror flicks.

Where’s the Fire? New York City’s first e-cigarette bar draws a crowd and exhales

Interview With a Vampyre’s Dentist Father Sebastiaan makes the Rolex of fangs for the serious bloodsucker

Time Out New York


Best NYC Fragrance Stores: Where to Find Perfume in New York City

Refinery29.com (beauty editorial)


Refinery29.com, my profile

Pretty Thrifty: 7 Looks From The Drugstore
Curly-Cute! 4 DIY Braided ‘Dos
Atelier de Geste’s Scents Inspired by Dance
A Perk of Being a Top Perfumer: Getting to Travel With Oscar de la Renta
Indie Fragrances That Will Make You Swoon
The Wild, Amazing, True Story of Braids
What to Expect if You Kick Shampoo to the Curb
THE Guide to Sniffing Vintage Perfume
Gorgeous Grey Hair: How to Get It, How to Flaunt It

Gogobot.com (travel website)


New Orleans Hotel Correspondent for Gogobot.com



Marketing website for indie filmmaker Richard Bowen and his film Cinderella Moon.

TheWanderer.typepad.com (travel photography)


Photos from travels to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Morocco.

PopMatters.com (movie reviews)


PopMatters.com, my profile
Funny Face: Who Needs Love When You Have Beauty?
The Kaiser Never Really Lets His Hair Down in Lagerfeld Confidential
The Wackness Reveals Nostalgia for NYC in the Nineties
Ondi Timoner Explores Cults in Her Documentary, Join Us
1965 Documentary Dali in New York Follows the Wild Surrealist Artist Around Manhattan

BuzzSugar.com (movie reviews)


Teeth: Carrie Meets Jaws in a Feminist Revenge Fantasy
Zombieland: The Feel-Good Zombie Flick of the Year
Transformers: Way Less Than Meets the Eye
Next: Predictably Bad
The Orphanage: Prepare to Be Afraid
The Reaping: Plagued by Mediocrity
Pirates of the Caribbean: At Wit’s End
God Grew Tired of Us: The Lost Boys of Sudan  
Georgia Rule: Not in Georgia, Doesn’t Rule
Perfume: In the Realm of the Scents
Music and Lyrics: In Praise of Pop
Fracture: Broken in Too Many Places

TrèsSugar.com (women’s pop culture website)


11 Books on How to Be Happy
10 Products That Make Men the New Women
“Sweet Action:” The Short-Lived Hipster Nudie Mag for Straight Women
Texas Bills Victims for Rape Kits
Chinese Artist Song Dong Tackles His Mother’s Hoarding Problem in Art
Tracey Emin: “It Was Always About Sex, Not Money”
Body Worlds to Unveil Cadaver Sex Show 
40 Years Later: Woman Recognizes Herself in a Robert Frank Photo in Museum Exhibit
Australian Court Grants Transgender Teen Breast Removal Surgery
Racial Preferences in Dating: Fetishism or Not a Big Deal?
Hump Day: TrèsSugar’s New Sex Q&A Column
The Girls’ Guide to Rocking (book review)
Kathryn Harrison’s The Kiss (book review)
Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson (book review)
Chelsea Handler Dishes About Her Love Life

GiggleSugar.com (PopSugar’s humor website)


Celebrity Look-Alikes
25 Crazy Tattoos
Woman Has an Unusual Teeth-Brushing Routine With Her Cat
An Interview With Margaret Cho
Interactive Game: Who’s Douchier?
Farewell, Playgirl! A Look at 34 Celebrities Who Posed For Playgirl
TMI? Top 10 Celebrity Memoirs
What Is This Romance Novel Really Called?
Flashback: The 70s Polyester Leisure Suit
Flashback: What Exactly Was in IHOP’s Pancakes in 1969?
Flashback: Billy Squier’s Amazing “Rock Me Tonight” Video

Vintage Life Magazine


My article “A Walk Through 20th Century Perfume” was published in Issue No. 32 of Vintage Life Magazine.

An Ode to Bodies: Meditations on Peau d’Espagne Perfume


My Essay, “An Ode to Bodies” in The State‘s issue vol. iii The Social Olfactory: “Perfume is a discourse on the human body. Like fashion, it asks, ‘How much of the body will be revealed and celebrated, and how much of it will be hidden and transformed?’ Like a palimpsest onto which multiple meanings are written and erased, the many incarnations of Peau d’Espagne never entirely eliminate the abject animal body at its origin…”

Yesterday’s Perfume Vintage Perfume Blog


Diana Vreeland: 20th Century Style Visionary
Scents and Sensibility: Perfume Bottles Through History at the New Orleans Museum of Art
An Aromatic Afternoon With Natural Perfumer Mandy Aftel
The Secret of Chanel, by Tilar J. Mazzeo (book review)
L’Herbier Parfumé: Histoires Humaines Des Plantes à Parfum (book review)
The History of Vintage Perfume Nips

LuckyScent.com (perfume copywriting)

LuckyScentByredo M/Mink
Byredo Oud Immortel
Byredo 1996
Byredo Bullion
Byredo Baudelaire
Byredo Palermo
Byredo Accord Oud
Byredo Mister Marvelous

Thirdman. (Wrote brand description and all scents.)

Tom Ford Rive d’Ambre
Tom Ford Fleur de Chine
Tom Ford Plum Japonais
Tom Ford Shanghai Lily
Tom Ford Tuscan Leather
Tom Ford Jasmine Rouge
Tom Ford Santal Blush
Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille
Tom Ford Ombre de Hyacinth
Tom Ford Tom Ford Azure Lime
Tom Ford Champaca Absolute
Tom Ford Italian Cypress
Tom Ford Jonquille de Nuit
Tom Ford Noir de Noir
Tom Ford Café Rose
Tom Ford Lys Fume
Tom Ford Neroli Portofino

Blood Concept, the brand

Blood Concept A
Blood Concept B
Blood Concept O
Blood Concept AB

Clive Christian’s No. 1 for Women
Clive Christian’s No. 1 for Men
Clive Christian’s 1872 for Men
Clive Christian’s 1872 for Women
Clive Christian’s C for Men
Clive Christian’s C for Women
Clive Christian’s X for Men
Clive Christian’s X for Women

Huitième Art, the brand
Huitième Art’s Manguier Metisse
Huitième Art’s Ciel d’Airain
Huitième Art’s Fareb
Huitième Art’s Naviris
Huitième Art’s Ambre Ceruleen
Huitième Art’s Vohina
Huitième Art’s Aube Pashmina
Huitième Art’s Sucre d’Ebene

Jovoy Paris’s Ambre Premier
Jovoy Paris’s Les Jeux Sont Faits
Jovoy Paris’s Psychédélique
Jovoy Paris’s Liturgie des Heures
Jovoy Paris’s L’Arbre de la Connaissance
Jovoy Paris’s L’Enfant Terrible
Jovoy Paris’s Private Label

Mona di Orio’s Rose Étoile d’Hollande
Mona di Orio’s Tubereuse
Mona di Orio’s Vanille
Mona di Orio’s Vetyver

Food Writing


UmamiLover is my ode to all things savory.


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